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Learn More Skills, Make More Money

In 2017, the content marketing industry was set to be worth $412 billion by 2021, according to global market research firm Technavio. And now that firm is estimating the industry will grow by another $269.24 billion between 2020 and 2024.

That's a lot of content.

And all that content needs to be written and edited. But to be published on the web, it also needs to be optimized so it can rank, earn traffic and generate revenue.

If you're a writer or an editor, and you understand SEO fundamentals and best practices, you'll increase your value to employers and clients alike. You'll also command a better salary or higher freelance rates.

If you're a blogger who can apply SEO best practices to your site, you can bring in more traffic, and generate more revenue.

In any case, learning SEO can give you more income, independence and freedom.

Is this course right for me?

  • Do you want to get a web content writing or editing job
  • Do you want to start a web content writing or editing freelance business so you can work from home, make your own hours, and be your own boss?
  • Are you already an editor or web content writer, and you want to improve your skills to get a raise, get a better job, or get more and better clients and charge higher rates?
  • Are you a blogger who wants to create optimized content that ranks so you can bring more traffic to your site and make more money from your blog?
  • Are you an editor—employed or freelance—and you want to be qualified to go after the many digital content editing jobs that require an understanding of SEO best practices?
  • Do you have any kind of business (artist, author, dog groomer, landscaper, anything!) for which you have a website that you want to be seen by more people, to gain more customers?
  • Do you want to take a self-paced course you can do whenever it's convenient for you?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this course is for you!
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What's included in the course?

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Everything You Need to Get Started with Editorial SEO

3 mins
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Editorial SEO Fundamentals
SEO Terms You Need to Know
44.5 KB
What is SEO and Why Do You Need to Learn It?
6 mins
What is Editorial SEO and Why Do You Need to Learn It?
19 mins
Basic HTML
What are HTML and Semantic Markup?
5 mins
How to Create Headlines and Headings
14 mins
How to Format Text with Boldface and Italics
7 mins
How to Create Unordered and Ordered Lists
8 mins
How to Create and Use Blockquoting
4 mins
How to Create Links
6 mins
How to Create Title Elements
9 mins
How to Write Meta Descriptions
15 mins
What are Keywords
5 mins
How to Do Keyword Research
34 mins
Outbound Links and Anchor Text
20 mins
Internal Links and Anchor Text Part 1
9 mins
Internal Links and Anchor Text Part 2
8 mins
How to Choose and Link to Sources
12 mins
Logical Content Structure
13 mins
How to Incorporate Keywords into Content
40 mins
How'd It Go?
Bonus Content!
Keyword Research Tools
38 KB
Logical Content Structure Guide
118 KB
Content Formatting Guide
117 KB
Content Creation Tips
958 KB
Make Extra Cash with Learn & Earn
How to Join the Learn & Earn Program
Affiliate Program Disclosure

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Use basic HTML to format web content.
  • Perform keyword research to find the most valuable keywords.
  • Place those keywords in the right places and with ideal frequency.
  • Optimize existing content to help it rank and bring in traffic.
  • Begin working as a web content writer (or editor, if you have some editing experience behind you). 
  • Improve your skills so you can raise your rates and go after better clients, or ask your boss for a raise.
  • Write several types of web content.
  • Link content to internal pages and external sites without damaging a page's rankings.
  • Apply the mechanics of high-quality web content. 
This self-paced course will give you the tools and confidence to do all of this and more. 

Does the thought of learning SEO intimidate you?

I get it. I felt that way when I first started out in 2008. I was already a writer and editor, but SEO? It was like learning a foreign language—without an instructor!

I had a couple of coworkers who helped me a little. But I had to spend hours upon hours on my own, reading, searching, scouring websites and blogs to learn about SEO and how to use it to optimize content. 

But not all of those sources were trustworthy. A lot of them actually touted questionable or even unethical tactics. 

Without enough knowledge and experience behind me, it was difficult to know the difference. As a result, I developed some bad habits that these days would get a website penalized quicker than you can say, "Let me Google that for you."

I had to unlearn some things, and learn how to do my job correctly, protect my clients, and ensure the content I was creating for them would be functional and helpful instead of risky and potentially harmful to their business.

And then it took years of practice to build my expertise.

It's taken me more than a decade to get where I am. I'm not a millionaire. But I do run my own successful business, and make a comfortable living as a digital content editor. I have valuable clients who trust me to optimize their content and help them generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue every year. Best of all, I call my own shots.

But I started where you are now, and I know the challenges you face in trying to find steady work, or build a successful business and gain independence. So I understand how just the mention of SEO can make you cringe.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, something I've learned over the years: 

SEO is all about common sense.

No, really! It just takes someone showing you the process and the rationale behind SEO tactics to understand how it works in conjunction with those words and pages to accomplish things like ranking, getting traffic and generating revenue.

Which is why I'm bringing this course to you. I'll teach you what it took years for me to learn so you can build your skills and create a successful career in much less time than it took me. You won't have to read tons of blog posts and try to figure out which ones are trustworthy and accurate. 

I didn't have an instructor—but you will.

I'm going to walk you through everything so that by the time you're done with this course, you'll have a good foundation of SEO knowledge, which will help you:

  • create and optimize high-quality content
  • become more valuable to your employer or clients
  • make more money and start building a career
  • build more revenue by bringing more visitors to your blog

Are you ready to increase your knowledge and increase your income? Then click the button and let's get started!
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Don't Just Take My Word for It

Almost as soon as I took a course from Michelle in 2018, it started paying off. Having a better understanding of how links, quality content, keywords and other pieces work to improve search rankings really increased my usefulness to my team. I’ve even been able to tell our web producers a thing or two! I’m looking forward to taking more of Michelle’s courses.
Chris Mines - Senior Copy Editor - Highlights for Children

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy with the course, or you simply change your mind within 30 days of registration, you may request a full refund, provided you haven't accessed more than 5% of the course (not counting any publicly available portions, or anything included in the Welcome module).

Please read the Terms of Use for more details.

Will this course make me an expert SEO content writer, editor or blogger?


Not the answer you were expecting? Well, it's the honest answer. I'm not going to say something you might want to hear just to sell you a course.

SEO is a huge discipline with hundreds of moving parts, and creating optimized content is just one of them. It requires knowledge, skill, some talent, and a lot of practice. Just like any other skill, it takes time to learn and build expertise.

This is a beginner course, created to give you a solid foundation on which to build your skill. Then it will be up to you to take what you learn and apply it to real-world situations to gain that practice and experience.

It will also be up to you to continue your education, which I'm going to make easier for you in the near future by offering intermediate and advanced courses right here.

The benefit is, you'll be able to learn those skills in much less time than it took me to do it on my own.

You may see other courses out there promising that you can be an expert SEO content writer or editor in just a week. Could you be an expert mechanic in a week? An expert chef? An expert anything? And would you hire someone who called themselves an expert after they took just one course in one week?

I'm not here to make empty promises or sell a get-rich-quick scheme. I'm here to help you learn new professional skills so you can build a career and make more money.

Content creation is a profession, and you're a professional. It demands the same dedication and respect as any other endeavor you might pursue. Simple as that.

So no, this course will not make you an expert. It will put you on the path to becoming an expert, as long as you're willing to put in the work.

Your Instructor

A writer and editor since 1990, Michelle's an established authority on SEO in the digital content arena. She's also a published author and widely recognized instructor and conference speaker who's presented at Pubcon, State of Search, ACES, and more. Her extensive experience and commitment to quality content have given her the skills needed to build a six-figure income as a digital content editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SEO mean?

It stands for search engine optimization. In this course, you'll learn exactly what it means, why it's necessary, and how learning it can help you further your career or create a new one.

What is editorial SEO and how is it different from regular SEO?

SEO is never just plain ol' SEO. It includes a wide range of tactics and skills. Organic SEO, technical SEO, on-page SEO, enterprise SEO … the list goes on.

Editorial SEO applies specifically to the tactics used to create and optimize web content. This includes things like: keyword choice and placement; title elements; meta descriptions; anchor text; internal and outbound links; text formatting; and much more.

All editorial SEO is on-page SEO. But not all on-page SEO is editorial SEO, so I wanted to differentiate it from on-page SEO.

We're just going to focus on those optimization tactics that apply specifically to writing and editing content. Hence, editorial SEO!

What if I don't know anything at all about SEO?

Then you're in the right place! This beginner course will build your SEO knowledge from the ground up. If you don't know anything about SEO, this course is perfect for you. 

If you know a little SEO, but want a firmer understanding of the basics, or you just need a good refresher, you'll find this course helpful as well.

Do I have to take the lessons at certain times?

Not at all. This course is self-paced. You can take the lessons whenever it's convenient for you. The only things that will happen at certain times are the live chats. But if you miss those, the replays will be available for you to watch at your convenience.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

No. You can register and pay today, and then not even start the course until three months from now. Of course, that's three whole months that you could've been learning editorial SEO, expanding your skills, making yourself more marketable, and making more money. So while you could put it off, you won't want to! Right?

How long will the course take me to complete?

That all depends on you!

You can see above how long each video is. But that doesn't really mean anything. You may stop and restart a video. You may watch some of them more than once.

And then there are the other materials that aren't video based, like the content structure and formatting guides, and the SEO terms glossary. I can't know how long it will take you to study and learn those.

Everyone learns at different rates, and in their own ways. Only you can judge how long this course may take you. 

The real question is, do you think learning editorial SEO to add to your skills, build or advance your career, and increase your income is worth the time?

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever! Not only that, but you'll also get access to any content I add to this course in the future at no extra cost. 

That means, you pay once today for everything you see in the course now, and if I update and expand a module, or if I add a new module six months from now, you'll have access to that too without having to pay anything more than you pay today. Cool, huh?

Note that when I do update and expand any of these modules, the price for new students will go up. So the sooner you register, the more bang you'll get for your buck.

Do I have to know how to code?

No. I'll teach you the basic HTML you'll need to format web content (bold, italics, bulleted and numbered lists, etc.). That's the only coding covered in this course, and really, the only coding you need to optimize content.

What if I'm not a writer or editor?

Then you may want to hold off. This isn't a writing or editing course. It's about creating and optimizing web content, so it assumes you already have some knowledge of and experience in writing and/or editing.

What if I don't like this course, or I just change my mind? Can I get my money back?

Yes, in full, under two conditions.

First, that you request a refund within 30 days of registering and paying for the course.

Second, that you haven't completed more than 5% of the course, aside from anything included in the Welcome module.

It would be very easy for someone to sign up, pay, gain access, copy all the information it's taken me more than a decade to learn and months to put together in this course, request a refund, and essentially get the entire course for free. Even worse, they could then go put up their own course with my content.

Not that you would do that! But as content professionals, we're all too aware of the prevalence of plagiarism and content theft, so I'm sure you'll understand my need to protect myself, my content and my livelihood.

Your registration fee will no longer be refundable after the 30-day mark, or once you've reached the 5% completion mark whichever comes first.

What if I select the payment plan option? Can I still get a refund?

Yes, under two conditions.

First, that you haven't completed more than 5% of the course, aside from anything included in the Welcome module. See the question above for more on that.

Second, you may request a refund only within the first 30 days of registering and making your first payment. 

You are not eligible for a refund after the second and/or third payment have been made, as that will be 60 or 90 days after registration.

That's only fair to the students who pay in full, and only have a 30-day request period.

Why should I pay for this course? Can't I find SEO information for free online?

Yes, you can. You can find pretty much anything and everything you want on the internet. 

The problem is, without an experienced instructor to guide you, sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between outdated tactics and the ones that work now. Or worse, unethical or dangerous tactics that can damage the website you're working on.

I'll walk you through SEO best practices, and warn you about the ones to avoid.

Why would you teach writers and editors SEO? Aren't you creating competition for yourself?

I don't see it that way. I'll refer you back to those content marketing industry numbers at the top of this page:

  • worth $412 billion by 2021
  • will grow by $269.24 billion between 2020 and 2024
In an industry that big, there's room for all of us.

But it's not just that. If you've looked around at digital content writer and editor jobs at all, you know a lot of companies still don't respect content or those who create it. They offer embarrassingly low pay for this work. 

The way I see it is, the more knowledge and skills we all have, the more we can all charge for our work. And when writers and editors can stop feeling as though they have to accept low rates because of a lack of knowledge or experience, we can all command the rates we deserve, and we'll all benefit.

So no, I don't think you'll be competing with me. You'll be helping me. And vice versa.

Does this course guarantee employment or success?

No. This course is giving you tools. It will be up to you to use them to get a job, build a freelance business, create and run a blog, or get more customers to your business website.

This course is about possibilities. It can help you create optimized content. It can give you more skills to list on your resume. It can help you make more money.

But none of that will happen without some work on your end.

Also, every vertical is different, and every business is different. Some areas are more lucrative than others.

Creating content for a food blog? That's super popular with readers! But it also has a LOT of competition.

Creating content in a low-competition space? That might be lucrative—if it's something people are searching for.

The point is, like any other skill you learn, it's a matter of applying it, and finding good opportunities where you can use it.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Please review the privacy policy for more information.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. Please review the privacy policy for more information.

Editorial SEO Academy: Beginner Level

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